Saturday, December 1, 2012


As some of you may know I have been doing "school" with Teagan this school year.  We call it Mommy School. We have a theme each week and with Thanksgiving being in November the whole month was kind of dedicated to Thankfulness and being thankful.  Not just for the "normal" things but the little everyday things too.  To help Teagan get in the habit of being Thankful daily we created a Thankfulness chain.

Here is what Teagan was thankful for this month (in his own words):
"my house"
"my family"
"that I get to go to school"
"for Mommy"
"my Daddy"
"paper to color on"
"I get to watch shows"
"my bed"
"my toys"
"my semi trucks"
"for animals"
Disclaimer:  I did not prompt him with any of these.  They are all his own thoughts.
I love how his little mind works, don't you?
To practice writing I wrote each thing with a highlighter and then he copied it.


  1. That is really fun, Renee! I think you are a great mom - it would be fun if we could see each other a little more!