Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Days 11, 12, 13

Day 11:  Today we picked out some toys to donate.  I was amazed at how well Teagan got what we were doing.  He really thought about what he wanted to give up and kept asking when we were going to give it to the "other boy."  I wasn't sure exactly who to give the toys to so I put it out on Facebook that I was looking for somewhere to take them.  A former co-worker let me know that someone that works with Child Protective Services was looking for some gently used toys.  I was able to catch up with my former co-worker and she was able to take the toys where they needed to go!

Day 12:  Cookie Cutter painting was on the agenda today.  I didn't get any pictures of them doing it because we were having to much fun and I forgot!

Day 13:  We made Christmas Cookies!

Can you guess what kind we are making?

For those of you who knew my Mamaw's the only Christmas Cookie there is!

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