Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Three Year Old

Height: 40 1/4 in
Weight: 37 lbs
Shoe Size: 11

Teagan is 3 years old now!  He is getting so big!  He is a great helper with his little brother and with things around the house.  He has a lot of energy and definately needs his outside time each day.  He loves reading books and singing and dancing.  He picks up on things really easy...he sits and thinks about it and then does it.  He loves learning!  My favorite thing about him right now is when I catch him singing a song that he heard on the radio, like the song "God's Not Dead".  He has the chorus memorized and I'll catch him singing it every so often.

Some of his favorite things are:

Color: Orange
Food: Pizza (and says the word "pizza" randomly all the time)
Show: Little Einsteins
Song: "God's Not Dead"
Toy:  McQueen cars
Movie: Cars, Cars 2
Thing to do with the family: play cars
Book:  Lightning McQueen books

Are you beginning to see a theme?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Year of Dates: July

Our date in July took place at Rockford City Market. Unfortunatly we didn't take any pictures except the above.  The Rockford City Market has all sorts of vendors.  There are fruit and vegetable stands, local resturants have stands, along with local artisians.  They also have live music. 

A Year of Dates: June

As most of you know this summer has been a HOT one.  During those majorly hot days, you know the 100 degree days, we did something crazy!  We went to a Beloit Snappers game.  It was fun and something that we don't normally get to do, but man was it hot.  Needless to say there weren't too many other people there, mainly just us and the scouts.

The Snappers played the Clinton (Iowa) LumberKings and lost 5-6.  It wasn't a real exciting game until the end when one of the Snappers coach's got ejected. 

The best part of the date was that we got a lot of quality time to just sit and chat without being interrupted!

A Year of Dates: May

For our date in May we went to one of our local state parks, Rock Cut State Park. This park is really nice.  There are things to do there year round with hiking, biking, fishing, boating, swimming, picnicing, and camping to do in the Spring, Summer, Fall and snowshoeing and cross-country sking in the winter. 

We chose to go on a little hike, have a picnic by the lake, and then hit up the consession stand for a little treat.

At 12 months you...

20 lbs 11 oz    30 1/2 in

* eat just about anything
* say "daddy" "doggie" "boon" (balloon) "bye-bye"
* take a few steps at a time and stands alone
* had your first Birthday party which was Seasame Street themed