Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 years and 2 months, 2 months and 2 weeks

At 2 years you...

*recognize all your letters

*can count to 15 and use one to one corspondance

*sing along with the radio

*pretend play with your cars and trucks

*went and saw your first movie "Cars 2"

*speak in short sentences as well as in the third person ("TT play outside") :)

*love to be my helper

13 lbs 8 oz 23 3/4 in long

At 2 months you...

*smile all the time

*like to play pat-a-cake

*talk to us with "coo's"

*sleep on average 9 hrs at night

*scoot backwards by pushing off with your feet

Eli got to take his first bath finally on his 2 month birthday! He loved it!