Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Goodies for the Little Ones

Happy Valentines Day!

My boys have been so excited for today!  I think this year they "get it".  I decided to drag Valentines Day out this year.  I've seen the past couple of years (all over Pinterest) others doing 14 Days of Valentines.  You start on Feb. 1st and give a little "gift" everyday until the 14th.  I used some of the ideas I saw on Pinterest and added a few of my own.  With every gift I gave a heart with a little saying on it that went with the gift.  We then hung their hearts on their bedroom doors for a little decoration.

Here's a list of the sayings and then the little gift I gave them:
I "Dig" you - sand/snow shovels
You are the "apple" of my eye - apple juice
Love U "peanut" - peanuts
You rock my world - a CD
You color my world with happiness - new markers
You are one Marvelous Munchkin - M&M's
You make me feel all bubbly inside - bubble bath
You're a "catch" - goldfish crackers
You knock my "socks" off - new pair of fun socks
You're worth a million don't ever "change" - $2 in quarters
What are the chance I have a "shot" at being your Valentine? - small nerf guns
My heart "pops" for you - popcorn
I think you're a "cutie" - Cuties
Ahoy matey be my Valentine - eye patches and bandannas to dress up like pirates

I would set their gifts out at different times each day so they never knew when they were coming.  It was neat to see their expressions when they found the gifts!  I also did 14 Days of Valentines for Ryan with a lot of the same sayings, but not all of them.  

As some of you know about me, I can't go a Holiday without crafting something for someone else.  So for the other little ones in my life I whipped up a couple of things.  

For my niece and two other little girls that are very special to us I made some snap barrettes and wood bead necklaces.  I'm kind of in love with the necklaces and thinking about making one for myself!

For my boys and my nephew, eye patches and a superhero mask.

How are you celebrating Valentines Day?