Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Days 1, 2, 3

Day 1
Tonight we went to Ryan's work Children's Christmas Party.  It's held at the YMCA and most of the amenities are open for us to use.  They also have some cookies and juice and you can see Santa if you so choose.  We spent most of our time in the indoor playground or on the track.  That is always Teagan's favorite spot!  He loves to run.
After the party we drove through one of the parks in Rockford that has a huge light display sponsored by local businesses.

Day 2
Today was tree picking and saying hi to Santa day!  It was THE warmest day I have ever picked a Christmas tree.  It was so nice to not have to bundle up a 19 month old!

The boys loved running around in the tree's and playing with sticks they found.  They used them as "saws" to cut down trees.
After picking our tree we went to see Santa and surpriseingly this year neither one of them had a problem with talking with him.
We happen to know Santa so that might have helped too!  After that we enjoyed the animals and finished out the day.

Day 3
We put together our Christmas cards today.  I did our families and Teagan did his own.  I'm pretty excited for him to get to give his out!

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