Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 3 Coming Home

On Friday November 25 we had been in the hospital just 48 hrs and the nurses came in to tell us we could go home! What?!? We were told we would be there 3-5 days! We couldn't believe we were already going home. Eli woke up happy and ready to play. His eyes were puffy but not swollen shut. He was doing great! The nurses told us that the neurosurgeon's nurse practitioner would be down to change his bandage and give us some instructions for at home.

Reading some books while waiting to be discharged.

When the nurse practitioner came in to change his bandage we asked her about us going home early. She said that usually with most kids by this time in the process his eyes would've swollen shut. The fact that they hadn't and that he hadn't been on much pain medication except Tylenol were both good signs for his recovery and that there was no need for him to stay. Instead of putting another turban on when she changed his bandage, she just put a piece of gauze over the incision and then a net stocking over that to keep it in place. The nurses told us when our one week post-op check up would be and then said we could go.

Teagan showing Eli his new car. They were just hanging out until we got our stuff packed up.

Since we've been home Eli has done awesome! The first morning his left eye was pretty swollen, so much so that he got a black eye, but since then the swelling has continued to go down! Until a few days ago he did seem to freak out if he was left all alone in a room and he's still not comfortable rolling, but he is loving playing in his exersaucer and his bouncy seat. He has even started sitting without any support.

Align Left

One week post-op. (age: 6 1/2 months)

We have our one week post-op appointment tomorrow morning. We're looking forward to hearing what the doctors have to say. We'd like to thank you again for all of your prayers and support! They definitely did not go unnoticed!

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  1. So wonderful to hear about how well everything went. We have an aweseme God!