Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 2 in Hospital/Thanksgiving

Eli woke up on Day 2 in the PICU a little swollen but not bad. The doctors had told us that each day would progressively get worse so to be prepared. Dr. Iskandar came to check on him and he said that he would get a new turban because his was getting a little snug. He also said that he could move to general care. After that he proceeded to have more wires unhooked and by 11:00 am we were moving rooms.
Our families started showing up and we discovered that someone had provided a Thanksgiving dinner for anyone on the 4th floor (the floor we were on). It was a full spread, including dessert. It was nice to all be able to sit down and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. While we were eating lunch we had left Eli in his room to take a nap. I checked on him a couple of times right after I had laid him down and he was asleep each time I checked. I went and told the nurse that we would be in the lounge if she needed us and explained that Eli was sleeping (later she told me she had checked on him not long after that and he was sleeping). My brother even went in the room to get something a little later than that and he was sleeping. As soon as I finished eating I went to check on him again and when I walked in he was still asleep but his turban was on off and so was the gauze that was protecting his incision! So I went and got the nurse to ask her if she knew what had happened and she didn't. She went with me to check on him and after seeing him she said she would call someone to come and redo his turban.

Waiting to get a new turban.

It was the first time we got a really good look at his head. And just as the plastic surgeon it was pretty lumpy bumpy! When the doctor came to redo his turban Ryan was just joking around and said something about giving him a chin strap so he couldn't get it off. The doctor took him seriously and gave him one!

With his new turban...chin strap and all!

As the day went on his swelling did get worse but he didn't seem to be in much pain. The nurses continued to give him Tylenol but he hadn't had Oxycodone since 4:30 am. The whole day he was such a good baby. He would play in his bed for awhile and then he would want to be held and play with Ryan or I. He loved having all the family around and getting to interact with everyone.

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