Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flat Teagan

So we do little learning activities every once in awhile and we talked about our bodies and different feelings that we have. Teagan really got into it, he now says "I'm sad Mommy" when something isn't going his way or he'll ask if I'm happy or sad. We talked about how everyone is the same and different at the same time, for example everyone has hair but it's not the same color. So to learn more about how T is made I had him lay down on a big piece of paper and I traced him. We then taped it to our basement door and I had him add his eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and color in his clothes.

When I went to hang up his guy he said to me "There's Flat Teagan". Now most of you might know the book Flat Stanley well I've never read that to him before but our church this summer did a little competition that involved our Senior and Teaching Ministers. We were given Flat David's or Flat Erik's to take places with us throughout the summer and take pictures of them doing certain things. We had a Flat Erik (who Teagan still plays with) that we took pictures of, so when I hung up T's body he naturally thought it was his Flat Self!

Here's a better picture of his drawing. I think he did pretty good at placing everything for being two. Since T already knows his ABC's I started to teach him how to spell a few words like his name, MOM and DAD. I traced out the letters with our magnet letters and then we put the paper on a cookie sheet and he matches the magnet letters to the ones on the paper.

He gets so excited to tell or show Ryan the little activities we do during the day!

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