Monday, October 26, 2009

First Tooth

So tonight Ryan was getting Teagan ready for bed and I went in to talk to them. Well, I looked down at Teagan and noticed something white on his bottom gums. I thought it was either spit up or had gotten something in his mouth. I tried to wipe it away and it wouldn't go anywhere. It was hard and pointy. I looked again and turned to Ryan and said "I think he has a tooth." We looked once again and yes he has a tooth!

It's on his right side of his lower gum (right under his tongue in this picture). He hasn't acted like he's been in pain and he really hasn't been fussy except for a little bit today. My sister-in-law is a hygienist and she has told me before that the average baby doesn't get their first tooth until six months. He just turned five months last week so this has been a surprise to me! I definitely wasn't ready for this to happen, but I guess I can't stop him from growing up!

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  1. Yippeee for his first tooth! Happy Teething, Teagan!!! (and!)