Saturday, August 29, 2009

F and G

So I forgot to post yesterday so I will do F and G today.
F is outing! Today we went to a couple of different places and one of them is my G item. G is for...Green Akers. Green Akers is a little antique shop, country market, and cafe. We had never been there before and thought we would check it out. I was a little disappointed because I thought is was suppose to be more country market than antique shop, but there was hardly any produce there. It was a neat place though. After that we stopped by Edwards Orchard since it just opened this weekend for the season. We of course had to have a doughnut and some cider, but we also went and checked out the animals. G is also for...goats. Teagn likes looking at the animals...he's just not in this picture!

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